Practice Areas

Commercial and Business Litigation

Commercial disputes and the resulting litigation can be significant business distractions, resulting….

Sexual Abuse and Harassment Litigation

Sweeney, Reich & Bolz LLP is a team of dedicated attorneys and staff specializing in civil litigation….

Probate Administration

Although the administration or probate of an estate is often thought to be a straightforward, simple process…

Will Contests

At Sweeney, Reich & Bolz LLP, our attorneys know that each will contest is different and our lawyers use their extensive litigation…

Representation or Removal of Fiduciaries

The individual who is appointed as executor, administrator or trustee, as well as a person who is assigned a power of attorney…

Spousal Right of Election

The surviving spouse of a deceased individual has rights under the law of the State of New York…

Recovering Wrongfully Transferred Assets by a Fiduciary

Assets can be removed from an estate in many ways. A corrupt fiduciary may wrongfully and deliberately…

Wrongful Death Proceedings

If the deceased individual died as a result of the negligence or misconduct of another…

Protection Of Beneficiary Rights / Proof of Heirs

The initial step in the probate process is to determine who the true beneficiaries of the estate are…

Wills and Trusts Construction

In New York State, a will or trust only achieves the deceased’s desired result if it sets forth the plan…

Contested Powers of Attorney

An individual with power of attorney (POA) has the legal right to make many important decisions….

Contested Accounting

Heirs and beneficiaries may seek to remove a fiduciary of an estate or trust in which they have an….

Trust Contests

Like wills, trusts can be contested by interested parties. At the law offices of Sweeney, Reich & Bolz LLP….

Intestate Administration

If someone dies without a will or trust, the person had died intestate. The distribution of an….