Protection Of Beneficiary Rights / Proof of Heirs

The initial step in the probate process is to determine who the true beneficiaries of the estate are. Individuals who are afraid that they will be left out of an estate for any reason should contact the experienced probate attorneys at Sweeney, Reich, & Bolz LLP to protect their beneficiary rights. Individuals who were excluded from a will or trust by fraudulent actions by a third party should consult our attorneys to discuss their options. It is important that you act quickly if you believe your rights to inherit are in jeopardy. Our attorneys will take action to uncover fraud and return the client to his or her rightful status as a beneficiary.

Individuals who are concerned that they may lose their beneficiary rights in an estate because of the conduct of the executor, administrator or trustee should contact our offices. The estate may require proof of heirs from all potential beneficiaries and it is important that you gather the required information. Our attorneys, paralegals, and investigators are experienced in quickly obtaining birth certificates, medical records, marriage certificates, adoption records and other required documents and make certain that the executors, administrators or trustees receive the information they need to recognize your rightful claim. The law firm of Sweeney, Reich & Bolz LLP have been assisting New York area clients with all matters relating to probating and administering estates since 1986.

Even once the required information has been submitted to the fiduciary for the proof of heirship, beneficiaries may still run into problems. Our attorneys are prepared to protect the clients’ rights in court when issues regarding heirship arise. Sweeney, Reich & Bolz LLP has built a reputation for aggressively fighting for our clients’ rights to do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients receive the inheritance that he or she is rightfully entitled to.

When the rights of an individual or group of beneficiaries are compromised by the misconduct or incompetence of the executor, administrator or trustee, our attorneys are prepared to use their years of experience and knowledge to remove the fiduciary and protect our clients’ rights.

If assets and property are missing, our attorneys have successfully recovered wrongfully transferred estate assets to be returned to the estate or transferred to the rightful recipient. We will undertake a discovery proceeding to determine what assets have been wrongfully transferred, determine where the assets are and return them to their rightful owner.